Control your app permissions on windows

Control your app permissions on

Windows 10 1803 spring creators update (OS Build 17133.1), Microsoft has introduced a new way to control how apps access your data. You can now allow or deny Windows 10 and apps access to the documents library on your device (PC) for all users. The user can revoke access completely for certain apps or the entire OS. Now Let’s see how it can be done. Allow or Deny OS and Apps Access to Documents Library in Windows 10

How to stop windows apps accessing to Documents-Pictures-Videos


Step 1: Open the Settings app. Navigate to Privacy

How to stop windows apps accessing to

Step 2: Go to  Documents and click on the Change button on the right side, and turn On (default)

How to stop windows apps accessing to

or Off Documents library access for this device for what you want.  Change the Allow apps to access documents library switch to the off position to prevent all apps from accessing the folder content.


Repeat the steps above under Settings > Videos and Settings > Pictures and you are done. 

Privacy > Pictures. Turn off Allow apps to access pictures library option.
Privacy > Videos. Turn off Allow apps to access videos library option.


Turn On or Off Allow apps to access documents library: When access is allowed for the operating system as described above, all apps get access permissions by default.

If you want to prevent a specific app from accessing the library, scroll down the list to see which apps can access the library. Turn off apps that you don’t want to allow the access.

1. Open Settings, and click on the Privacy icon.

2. Click on Documents on the left side and On the right, enable the toggle switch under Allows apps to access your Documents library.

turn On (default) or Off Allow apps to access your documents library on the right side for what you want.

In the list below, you can control Documents access for certain apps individually. Every listed app has its own toggle option which you can enable or disable.

Manage App Access To Documents Pictures and Videos In

And, If an app tries to access one of these folders, you will see a consent dialog with options to access or deny the request.

That’s it.

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