Always Launch Edge in InPrivate Browsing Mode

Microsoft Chromium Edge, like other browsers, includes an InPrivate browsing mode.

Always Launch Edge in InPrivate Browsing Mode

Private mode is a useful feature of Microsoft Chromium Edge that allows you to surf without leaving traces (like your history, temporary internet files, and cookies) of your activities on your PC. This deletes your browsing info when you close the browser. However, InPrivate does not prevent tracking your activity across the Iinternet. Websites, your ISP, or organizations hosting your network (such as your school or office) can still see your web activity by tracking your IP address or through other methods.InPrivate Browsing is not active by default when you open an Chromium Edge window. If you don’t use Private Mode very often, opening a private tab isn’t as annoying. But, would like to keep your browsing history private by default,y ou can make Edge always launch in InPrivate mode.

Can I start Microsoft Chromium Edge in Private mode from a shortcut? Yes.

2 Ways to Open Chromium Edge in Private mode in Windows 10

1- Right-click the Microsoft Edge shortcut on your desktop, and then click Properties.

2- Enter a space after the Target string and enter in the following at the end:


3- Click Apply, and then click OK to save your changes.

Tip:If there is no Microsoft Edge shortcut on your desktop, you must create one. To do that, open the Start menu, locate Microsoft Edge within the list of installed programs, and then drag it out onto the desktop.

That’s all there is to it. Now every time you launch Microsoft Edge from the modified shortcut it will be in InPrivate browsing mode


For this, We have coded a simple vbe script here are the simple steps to use it.

1- Just download the script at the end of the page and Unzip it. ( Password: ceofix)

2- From now on, whenever you want to launch Edge in InPrivate mode, simply double-click on the Edge_Chromium_InPrivate.vbe file. User Account Control (UAC) window can popup and asks you if you want to allow it, Click Yes to proceed.

Microsoft Chromium Edge in Private mode from a shortcut?

3- It will show a pop-up window with the text “Google chrome bookmark bar has been disabled. Do you want to restart google chrome?”
Just Click yes button.

Ok. Thats all.

▼Download▼ Password:ceofix

Published on: Jul 2, 2021 -Last edited: 12-12-2022

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