How to disable the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update keylogger

How to disable keylogger Windows 10 Spring Creators

When Microsoft launched a technical preview of the upcoming Home windows 10 working system again in 2014, phrase bought out fairly shortly that the working system shipped with keylogging performance that was turned on by default.

Microsoft admitted that it collects inking and typing information, and that the information is distributed to Microsoft servers.

The current version of the Speech, Inking and Typing FAQ on Microsoft’s Privacy website states:

When your Diagnostic and usage data setting (Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics) is set to Full, your inking and typing input data is sent to Microsoft, and we use this data in the aggregate to improve the inking and typing platform for all users.

While some users objected that Microsoft collects typing and inking data at all and sends it to company servers, others disliked the opt-in nature of the feature and that Microsoft did not really reveal to users that it was doing such a thing in the first place.

Windows admins and users can turn off some privacy settings during setup, but the list of privacy related settings is much larger in the Settings application. If you add policies and Registry keys to that, you end up with a large list of privacy preferences. Even if you modify them all, you will notice that Windows 10 continues to communicate with Microsoft servers.

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Microsoft has made a small change to Windows and has added a feature which lets you disable what you could consider its built-in keylogger.

This comes just as the firm has added a new feature that lets you see what data is being backed up on your device. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is getting very privacy friendly.

How to disable the built-in keylogger in Windows 10

1- Open the Settings app.
2- Go to Privacy
3- Select Speech, inking & typing.
4- Activate the button “turn off speech services and typing suggestions” so that it reads “turn on speech services and typing suggestions”.

How to disable the built-in keylogger in Windows

5- Now Navigate to Privacy > Diagnostics and Feedback
6- Switch Diagnostic and usage data to basic.

Diagnostics and Feedback Windows 10 Spring Creators

7- Locate “improve inking & typing recognition” and flip the setting to off.
8- Switch to the page “Speech, inking & typing”.

improve inking & typing

Make sure speech services and typing suggestions is turned off.

The new version of Windows 10 reveals more about collected Telemetry data; users may browse the collected data and delete it.

Telemetry data;



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