How to Stop Laptop Going to Sleep When Lid Closed

 Stop Laptop Going to Sleep When Lid Closed

When you close the lid of your laptop, it normally goes to sleep. That is the default setting on laptops based Windows, and most people think it is very practical, especially when they want to stop working for a short period of time but don’t want to shut down their laptops. If you do this, be careful! Closing your laptop’s lid and throwing it in your bag while it’s still on could cause some serious problems due to poor circulation or blocking of vents.

Luckily, There are several different power options that will accommodate your laptop usage, and needs, when you close the lid. You can change that setting. Not only can you keep the laptop on when you close the lid, you can also set it to hibernate, shut off, or “Do nothing.”

How to Change What Closing the Laptop Lid Does

1- In the System Tray (at the bottom-right corner of the screen), find the Battery icon. You may have to click the small arrow to show all icons. Right-click Battery and choose Power Options.

Power options

2- Next, click “Choose what closing the lid does” in the pane to the left.

Stop Laptop Going to Sleep When Lid Closed

3- Then, from the drop-down menu for “When I close the lid,” Choose a power option for the lid. Under ‘Power and sleep buttons and lid settings’ you will find two options for ‘When I close the lid‘ . On battery and Plugged in. You can choose different options for each. For example, you might want to have your laptop stay on when you close the lid while it’s plugged in but go to sleep when it’s on battery.

Stop Laptop Going to Sleep When Lid Closed

How to Control What Happens When You Close Your Laptop’s Lid : Our choices are

Do nothing: Closing the laptop’s lid does nothing; when the laptop is on, it stays on.

Shut down: The laptop turns itself off.

Sleep: The laptop goes into a special low-power state.

Click Save changes to finalize your selection and apply the changes.

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