Play Classic Windows XP Solitaire In Windows 10

Play Classic Windows XP Solitaire In Windows 10

Do you miss the classic Solitaire game bundled with Windows XP? The process to bring back Solitaire is straightforward,. we’ll walk you through to bring back the classic Solitaire game from Windows XP to your Windows 10 device.

How to get the classic Windows XP Solitaire game on Windows 10

We only need to copy Sol.exe and cards.dll from Windows XP (c:\windows\system32) to our Windows 10 hard drive and then run it.

To run the program, just double-click the “Sol.exe” file. You can create a shortcut to the file on your desktop or pin the program to the taskbar or start menu. If you ever want to remove Classic Solitaire from your Windows 10 PC, just delete both cards.dll and sol.exe.

Alternative Method

1- Just download the at the end of the page (password:ceofix) and Unzip it.

2- The Classic Solitaire game is and you can start playing Windows 10 PC. Whenever you want to play it, just go to Solitaire folder and double-click on to the sol.exe file to launch the game.

3- If you don’t want to visit the same folder again and again to play the game, you can create a shortcut of that file so that you can quickly launch it right from the Desktop.

▼Download▼ Password:ceofix

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Published on: May 10, 2020-last edited: 20-10-2022

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