Create a List of All Installed Programs in Windows 10

How to get list of installed apps in windows 10 and when it may be necessary?

Create a List of All Installed Programs in Windows 10

As you use your system, you will install a lot of programs with some used on a daily basis and some just occasionally. And you will probably don’t remember all of them. You might also be surprised to know that not all of your installed programs will show up on the “Add – Remove Programs” list.

Generating a list of installed programs in Windows is useful for several reasons.

For example,

1- The list of all installed programs can be useful when you re-install Windows, audit installed software in inventory scenarios or it helps you discover programs you haven’t used in years and don’t need anymore.

2- Maybe you want to hand it over to a friend or publish it on the Internet, or just use it to analyze what software has been installed on a system.

There are multiple ways to get a list of all the installed software. Also, the steps below work for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Create a list of all the programs that are currently installed on your Windows PC

Using Command Prompt on Windows 10/8/7

1- Open your Command Line as Administrator.

2- At the command prompt, type in the following command. (wmic is the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line tool)


and press Enter.

3- Enter the following line (copy and paste) at the wmic:root\cli prompt and press Enter.

 /output:C:\InstallList.txt product get name,version 

Create a List of All Installed Programs in Windows 10


1- There is a space between .txt and product, between product and get, and between get and name.

2- Don’t forget to change the file path nest to “/output” to suit your needs.

Create a List of All Installed Programs in Windows 10

3- As soon as you press the Enter button, Windows scans your system and saves the list in the form of a text file. You can find the text file in the location you entered above. When you open the InstallList.txt file in a text editor, you can view the Name and Version of every program installed on your computer in a nice table.

Create a list of installed programs using CCleaner

1- Double-click on the CCleaner icon .

2- Once CCleaner has been opened, navigate to the “Uninstall” tab from the “Tools” menu appearing on the left pane.

3- Here, click on the “Save to text file” button.

4- Choose a location and type a name for the text file, and then click Save.

Create a List of All Installed Programs in Windows 10

The list of installed programs includes the company, date installed, size, and version number for each program. The text is tab-delimited, which makes it somewhat hard to read in a text editor. You can import the text from this file into Word or Excel to make it easier to read.

Create a list of installed programs using GeekUninstaller

1. First, go to the official developer website and download the file. ( Please use the download Link (at the end of the page)

2- Once downloaded, extract the zip file to your desktop.

3- Geek Uninstaller is a portable and completely free software uninstaller program that’s small in size but still manages to pack in some nice features. Just click on the EXE file and the application will open. You can see all your installed applications on the main screen itself.

4. To export the list, click “File → Export to HTML”

5- Select where you’d like to save the file, name it and click on the “Save” button.

Create a List of All Installed Programs in Windows 10

6- After saving the file, open the HTML file to see the list of your installed programs.

That’s it. Hope you find this helpful!


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