How to check Bluetooth version on Android phone

How to check Bluetooth version on Android phone

AIDA64 is a Hardware and software information utility for Android-based devices. AIDA64 for Android is capable of showing various diagnostic information for phones, tablets, smartwatches and TVs. It delves into the finer details of your system to let you know everything from the specific model of your phone, to exactly how much RAM it has and how fast each CPU core is running, real-time core clock measurement, Screen dimensions, pixel density, camera information, Battery level, temperature monitoring, Bluetooth version etc. If you want to see detailed system information about your Android smartphone, then you can use the trustworthy AIDA64 app that can display system information under more than a dozen different categories.

How to check bluetooth version on my phone (Android and ios)

1- Download the application AIDA64 from Google Play.

2- Choose first line “System”.

3- Find out a Bluetooth version.

How to check Bluetooth version on Android phone

That’s all. Now you know how to check the Bluetooth version on Android!


1- It is important that the smartphone or device you connect it with works on the same version. Because, Only when both devices are up to date can you expect better connection and faster transfer of data. But, there isn’t really a way to upgrade it like you would upgrade your phone’s software.

2-Your phone will support a particular version of Bluetooth, and there’s nothing you can do to upgrade it or change it.

3- For download AIDA64 for iOS and Android is available now in each platform’s respective store apps visit or you can download AIDA64 Android system information app from

4- İf you don’t want to use another app, you can use web search. In the browser search line you need to enter: specifications + exact model of the device.

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