How to Use Stopwatch in Windows

Most of the time, people are having some troubles with using their own desktop clock as their stop watch.

How to Use Stopwatch in Windows 10

Windows improves on those features, and this basic function now works much like it does on every other operating system out there. The stopwatch is super simple to use. This stopwatch measures time intervals in hours. This article illustrates how to use it for your reference.

How to Set a Stopwatch on windows 

1- Open the Start Menu .

2- When the start menu opens, we need to find and click “Alarms & Clock”.

3- When Alarms & Clock opens, we need to click the “Stopwatch” tab.

4- Click the button Play to start the Stopwatch. We can also stop the stopwatch by clicking the “Pause” button.

* While the stopwatch is stopped, you can click the “Reset” button to the watch’s left to reset the clock to 00:00.

*While the stopwatch is running, you can pause the watch, or click the flag icon to record a lap time while leaving the clock running.

*Once the Stopwatch is paused, users can share their time with friends on social networks via the share icon at the bottom

*We can also click the button with two arrows. This will increase the size of the stopwatch. And, we click the two arrows again to decrease the size of the stopwatch.

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Published on: Nov 16, 2019-Last edited: 06-10-2023

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