Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that is being used worldwide.

Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows 10

PDF files are common file formats for flyer’s, brochures, menus and more. We know you often want to include a graphic of that PDF file in your email. There are many tools and online platforms available to convert your screenshot to PDF format, but we will not use either of them.

How to save a Screenshot as a PDF in Windows .

1- First right click on the image you want to convert to PDF. Click on Open with and Select Paint option.

Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows 10

2- When the screenshot has been opened in the Paint app, tap the File option at the top-left corner of the app.
3 Next, click the Print option to open the Microsoft PDF printer.

Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows 10

4- On the new window, you can give the PDF file a new name and select the location you want it saved on your PC. Click Save to complete the process.

That’s all.

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Published on: Nov 1, 2019-last update: 13-10-2023

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