Always Open Blank Document in Word-Excel-PowerPoint

How to skip Start Screen to Create Blank Document in Microsoft Office?


If you use any of the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), you probably noticed that every time you launch an app, you’re presented with the Start screen. The Start page displays all available templates, recently opened documents, pinned documents, and documents shared with you, if any. If you always use a blank document, you might want to configure the Word program to always open a blank document instead of displaying the Start screen upon running the program. Luckily, In Office, you can adjust your application settings to bypass the start screen and open a blank document every time you open the application.

Start with a Blank Document in Office

If you want to skip the start screen every time you launch Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to open a blank document directly, then use these steps:

Open a blank Office document. Click the File menu.

Start with a Blank Document in Office


And then click Options.

 Blank Document in Office


In the General tab, scroll down to Start up options section.

 Blank Document in Office


On the Word Options screen, scroll down to “Start Up Options” section and uncheck “Show the Start screen when this application starts” option.

Click on OK to save this change and close Office Program.

Restart the Word or Excell program. Word program should now automatically open a blank document instead of displaying the Start screen.

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