Use Classic File Explorer with Ribbon in Windows 11

Use Classic File Explorer with Ribbon in Windows 11

Microsoft redesigned File Explorer’s user interface for Windows 11 . File Explorer has a command bar on which you can select options. That bar replaces the tabbed ribbon interface from Windows 10’s File Explorer. The new ribbon on Windows 11 is clean, visually appealing, and focused more on simplicity and clarity.

In addition, the new modern ribbon is more responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes and displays only the most relevant commands based on the user’s current context. In contrast, the classic ribbon lets users find and use commands more easily by organizing them into logical groups.

There are many reasons you would like to return to the old classic file explorer ribbon from the modern design. You may not like the level of options offered in the new design, or you are habituated to the classic ribbon. You can return to the classic file explorer in two ways:

1. Temporarily restore the Classic File Explorer pane using the Control Panel.

Open the Control Panel and tap once on the Up arrow.

You can only browse and navigate in this File Explorer ribbon window as long as this window is open.

2. Permanently restore the Classic File Explorer ribbon using a portable freeware.

Download “File explorer” and extract it. At the top of the software there is a statement that it will work on 23H2 and higher versions,But it also works fine in versions like 22H2, let’s check out our version. Press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard and type winver in the Runbox.

Application pop-up windows have 4 options for selection.

1. Enable Classic File Explorer for Current User.
2. Enable Classic File Explorer for All Users.
3. Temporarily Open Classic File Explorer.
0. Restore Default File Explorer.

First let’s try to temporarily open the classic file explorer. Type 3 in the blank field and click on the Ok button.
Now try to permanently activate the classic file explorer for the current user. Type 1 in the pop up space and click Ok.

A screen will appear, informing us of the process and asking us if we would like to restart the file explorer. Our advice is to agree to restart the file explorer. When the screen comes back , you can use the old (classic or Windows 10) file explorer permanently.

Closing and opening the file explorer, logging out and logging back in, or rebooting the system will not affect the classic file explorer view. If you want to revert to the default Windows 11 (Modern) File Explorer, simply run the software, type “0” in the space provided, and click OK.



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