How to Disable Auto Open Previous Files In Notepad

In this article I’ll show you how to prevent Notepad from automatically opening previous files at startup.

How to Disable Auto Open Previous Files In Notepad

Microsoft has redesigned Notepad in Windows, and now it has a tabbed interface, auto-save content. The feature is very useful & greatly reduces data loss, but can irritate many users.

How To Stop Notepad From Opening Recent Text Files In Same Window

First, open the Notepad application on your Windows. When the Notepad app opens, click on the Settings gear icon at the Notepad’s toolbar.

Click to expand “When Notepad Starts” into a menu.

If you don’t want Notepad to open your previous files, select the “Open a new Window” option. It will open your file in a new window each time you open your file.

To restore the default features on Notepad, go to settings and scroll down and expand the When Notepad Starts section. And select “Open Content from the previous session“.

That’s all.

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