How to check WiFi version on Windows 10

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The days of confusing alphanumeric version markers are over. WiFi Alliance, the global consortium that sets wireless standards, is ditching its traditional naming convention for Wifi versions.

As usual, the latest Wi-Fi standard offers faster data transfer speeds. If you’re using a Wi-Fi router with a single device, maximum potential speeds should be up to 40% higher with Wi-Fi 6 compared to Wi-Fi 5.

Key benefits of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 technology include:

Higher data rates
Increased capacity
Performance in environments with many connected devices
Improved power efficiency

This article would guide you through how you can check the WiFi version your Windows 10 PC supports.

Check Wi-Fi version on Windows 10

1- Open the Settings app.

2- Click on ‘Network and Internet

3- In the left pane of the window, click on Wi-Fİ.

4- Next, click on “Hardware properties

How to check WiFi version on Windows 10

5- As the screenshot above shows, my Windows 10 laptop uses the WiFi 802.11n version (i.e WiFi 4).

How to check WiFi version on Windows 10

Alternatively, we have coded a script to make your job easier, just download the script at the end of the page and Unzip it then double click. You will see the Wi-Fi version information.

How to check WiFi version on Windows 10

That’s all…

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Published on: Sep 24, 2019 – edited date: 21-12-2020

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