How to Add Custom Text Shortcuts to Android

Text shortcuts can be super beneficial in a variety of situations. How to add custom text shortcuts to Android?

How to Add Custom Text Shortcuts to Android

We all have a phrase, a number, or another string of text that we type over and over again. You may not be able to think of certain things you type repeatedly, but if you pay a bit of attention, you’ll definitely find some words.

1- Email addresses
2- Names/addresses/phone numbers
3- Common phrases: “I’ll call you later,” “where are you?,” “i love you,” etc.
4- Complex symbols or emoticons.

By adding a quick text shortcut to your Android phone’s personal dictionary, you can type a full sentence with just a few letters.

Once you’ve tweaked the right settings, you can ask “you there?” in a text message by simply tapping, say, “yt”.

You could also conjure your street address, your official title, or a phone number in just a few keystrokes. These can save you a lot of time when you are very busy, and can certainly save some strain on your fingers. These are called custom shortcuts because you add them to your Android phone yourself so they reflect the way you communicate, so you add custom text shortcuts to suit your personal needs.

How to Add Custom Text and Shortcuts to your Android

1- Open the Settings app.
2- Tap on Language and Input.
3- In the Languages & input menu, select the “Personal Dictionary” option.

How to Add Custom Text Shortcuts to Android

4- Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right
5- You should see two text fields
6- In the “phrase” input box you type whatever phrase or word you want to come up ultimately. Then, in the “shortcut” box, type in the abbreviation you want to use for this phrase..

How to Add Custom Text Shortcuts to Android
7- Tap the Back key, or Tap the “Save” button. and you’ll see an entry for the shortcut you just added.
Want to add more shortcuts?
So, Tap the “+” sign again…

Using a Shortcut

1. Open any place that you can use your keyboard (i.e. text messaging, email, web browsing, etc.) and type in one of your shortcuts. You should see the corresponding phrase come up in the spelling suggestions above the keyboard on your screen.

How to Add Custom Text Shortcuts to Android

The feature doesn’t extend beyond the Google Keyboard, just make sure you also select the Google keyboard to be your primary one.

if you use something popular like SwiftKey klavye, it won’t work.

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