Completely Disable printing in Chrome,Firefox and EDGE

Printing web pages can come in handy when conducting research or studying for exams. You can print out articles, web pages, or study guides to read them at your leisure or take them on the go.

Completely Disable Printing In Chromefirefox And Edge

Printing web pages also helps to reduce eye strain as reading off of a computer screen. It is reasonably straightforward, but it differs slightly depending on the Internet browser used. For example Google Chrome, like any other web browser, comes with a built-in print functionality. To print a web page using Windows keyboard shortcuts, press “Ctrl+P” . The same shortcut works in both firefox and edge browser.

But what if you want to disable the Print feature of browsers to prevent sensitive content from being printed at work?
Or if you want to prevent your children at home from wasting paper by constantly printing via Browser ?
New versions of popular Browsers now support disabling the Print Feature but your browser must be up to date if you want to block the print feature.

Disable Print

We have coded a Portable Freeware tool called “Browser Print Disabler” that allows you to disable printing with a few clicks.

How to use Browser Print Disabler.

1. Download and run the Application.

2. Choose the appropriate option from the options that appear in the popup window. For example; To block the print feature in Edge, type one in the blank and use the OK button.

Disable Pirint Feature Browser

3. Then the following warning message will appear :
Microsoft Edge Print Feature has been disabled. Please restart your browser to see the changes. Do you want to restart the Microsoft Edge browser ?

You can choose to restart the browser later if you have a lot of tabs open at the time. Force restart Microsoft EDGE as it continues to run in the background even if you turn it off. You can block the printing features of chrome, EDGE and Firefox at the same time or set them back to the default.

Enable Pirint Feature Browser

▼Download▼ Password:ceofix

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