Enable or Disable Always On Display on Android Phone

How To Enable Always On Display On Android Phone

Always On Display

The always-on display on your Android phone ensures you can see basic information like the current date and time, weather alerts, missed call notifications, and similar details at all times. This feature is primarily available on Android devices with AMOLED displays. Because, LCD panels can’t support such a low-power state and consume too much power even at their lowest brightness.

How to enable and configure Always On Display on Xiaomi phones

Go To Settings.

Scroll down and tap on Always-on display & Lock screen.

Always On Display

Tap on Always-on Display to reveal all settings available to you.

Always On Display

Turn on the toggle button. You can use theme, Signature, Kaleidoscope, Digital, Analog, select background (GIFs)options to customize the always-on display.

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