How to Delete WhatsApp Status

How to Share a GIF, Photos And Videos To Your Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp Status lets you share updates that come in the form of GIFs, photos, videos and good old text. This feature is quite similar to Instagram stories and Video Snapshot of Snapchat. You can record a video or select a video from the gallery and set it as WhatsApp status. It remains visible for twenty-four hours and you can control who it is visible to. This awesome feature is available for both iPhone and Android users. When you have read the WhatsApp status of a contact, the next status is played automatically.

How To Get The Whatsapp Status Feature?

Open Your WhatsApp and go to Status Tab. What you see is the new Status section. Using this section, you can create your video, photo, GIF status, view it and see status of other contacts.

How To Get The Whatsapp Status Feature?

In this way you can share multiple status with your friends.

How to Delete WhatsApp Status

You can delete your all status that you have shared before it expires.

1-Go to My Status section
2-Tap on the three dots next to My Status.
3-Which you want to delete Select the status and Tap on the three dots next to

How to Delete WhatsApp Status

5-Then tap on Delete to confirm.

That’s all.

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