How to Firefox Print Preview

Print preview is a function provided for displaying a page, document or any other material before it is sent to a printer.

How to Firefox Print Preview

Web pages are generally designed to be displayed on a computer screen and are not always optimized for printing. Thus, users need to be have a print preview feature in order to verify their print jobs before sending them off to the printer. Most application and browsers provide icons to launch the print preview option.

How Print Preview in Firefox Works

Method 1:

1. Go to the web page you want to print out.

2- Press the Alt-key on the keyboard.

3- Select File > Print Preview to display a preview of the printed page to check it out before you print it.

How to Firefox Print Preview

Method 2:

1- Click on the menu icon that looks like three horizontal lines. (located top-right) and then click Customize option.

How to Firefox Print Preview

2- Click the Print icon and drag it to the toolbar at the top of the browser window, then release it when it is in the location where you want it.

How to Firefox Print Preview

3- Go to the web page you want to print out. And click the Print icon. This will bring up the print preview for you to see what the web page is going to look like after printing and also allowing you to scale the page, select portrait or landscape mode, printing background, changing the header and footer margins.

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2 thoughts on “How to Firefox Print Preview”

  1. Nope. The classic print preview is gone. No more full screen and careful ability to change by the percent or mess with settings. Special about config solution is now irrelevant. Instead we have this ridiculous tiny panel box to work with and the only relief is going back to the expected print dialog but the actual full screen sized print preview is absent. FIREFOX PROGRAMMER IDIOTS! TAKE A VERY LONG VACATION AND STOP RUINING THE BROWSER FUNCTION. We want classic print preview back. Idiots. None of the add ons related to clever print preview and print tricks work either. Chrome sucks and so does Chromefox.

    For the programmers reading this, good luck. Those nerds spend all day long in the firefox programmer forums like all day long. They’re wasting enough time to discover new medicines, solve the economy, solve all labor issues, solve mankinds greatest dilemmas. Instead they just waste their time caring about if we have a print preview box or open image in new window function. IDIOTS. At this point I wish the program was not free so my boycott of the idiocracy would affect their bottom line.

    STOP CHANGING FIREFOX! There is a regedit hack to absolutely stop updates and update reminders just fyi in case anyone wants a piece of that. Missing print preview is just the worst ever. I kept on ff 75 for the longest time, it was clean, narrow, close easy to use bookmarks, no rounded edges, and just better all around. But they broke that somehow too. Firefox now has a mandatory no opt out feature where they apply changes to your browser, even if you don’t update it. So now you know. Telemetry is on full time and there is no way to turn it off.


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